The year that was

The end of 2014 is just around the corner. I must admit, a lot of unexpected events took place this year. For one, I finally got this blog going. I was planning on doing that last 2013 but somehow I got carried away with life in general and never really had the time to take a breather long enough to get my thoughts down on paper. As I’ve promised myself, that system ends now. Never am I going to allow myself to be so busy again that I can’t take time to reflect on this journey called life.

When 2014 was starting out, never did I expect that I was going to travel to Cebu later in the year. Well, it happened. I spent an entire weekend there last September with a former classmate and, if all goes as planned, we’ll be going back early this 2015. As to why we went there, and why we’re going back, is going to be the subject of another piece which I have to hold off for now so as not to preempt our plans.

My mind is in total vacation mode right now that I can’t bring myself to write a coherent article that’s actually going to make sense. There are a lot of ideas playing in my mind, so much I want to put on paper, I’m not sure where to start. But I guess this is it for now. Christmas just ended, I’ll be hitting the mall tomorrow to buy some stuff for the New Year celebration, God only knows if I’ll have anytime to sit still and write anything….there goes my self-made promise of taking time out to smell the roses.

Well, I’ll get it done somehow. Till then, I wish anyone reading this an awesome New Year.

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