…so where were we? Oh, right, about that psychologist who implied that the idea of looking good (or not) is embedded in childhood and influences a person’s self-image all throughout adulthood, and my theory that a person’s self-image determines their level of confidence and, by extension, how they interact with the outside world. So now I’m led to another question: does having a lousy childhood, does being raised by condescending parents and relatives, qualify as an excuse for a person’s negative self image? The answer is obvious, as obvious as the options we face in life: we can either do whatever it takes to make our dreams a reality, or we can raise every excuse as to why we cannot.

To put it bluntly: shit happens – to everyone, on different levels. Its just that some people choose to rise above the negative experience and make the most of whoever they are. Besides, childhood ends. Everyone has to grow up sooner or later, and there comes a point in life where we need to stop blaming our parents and relatives for whatever they did.

Childhood can be full of limitations for some people. Limitations which no longer exist when we are adults. Adulthood comes with this freedom called choice. A choice between allowing a negative past to consume your present, or making the most of your present regardless of your past.

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