Past life regression is the journey back to one’s past life through the vehicle of hypnosis. This is a method resorted to by some psychologists based on the premise that a patient’s current problems may be stemming from unresolved issues from their so-called past lives. Under the presumption that past lives do exist, past life regression is not part of any medical training because of the danger that memories from such a past may get confused with memories from the present, leaving a patient unable to distinguish between the two. From a Christian point of view which advocates that every human being has a life purpose, past life regression is also frowned upon because of the possibility that an unfulfilled purpose from a past life may resurface in a person’s present life which may have a different purpose.

Do people actually have a past life to journey back to in the first place? The success of such a journey requires a belief in the non-Christian principle of reincarnation. The existence of a past life has not been convincingly supported. People have memories that creep up during hypnosis. But experts have reasoned that such memories can be built from reading about history and other means of acquiring knowledge, and not necessarily a past life crawling out from the subconscious grave. The details given by voyagers into their past lives are either inaccurate or lacking in common knowledge to be convincing.

At this point, its too soon to believe that past lives exist. But its not too soon to believe in the dangers of unguided hypnosis. The human mind is just too complex to understand, and delving too deep into the subconscious has had its consequences.





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