Who you calling a bitch???

Alright, alright! I apologize in advance for the offensive title. I was just doing some surfing over the holidays and I ran into some rather thought-provoking articles on what people consider bitchy. I have observed that there is no disagreement on these points: a bitch is (a woman) who speaks her mind to the point of having absolutely no consideration for how other people feel; someone (a woman) who acts to further her own interests, again, with absolutely no consideration for how other people feel. Someone (a woman) so self-centered she thinks she, and not the sun, is at the center of the universe. Now, let’s be fair – while I specify women in the definition, this is not to imply that no men possess the same rotten attitude – they’re just branded a different title, or society lets them get away with it….hmmm, whatever happened to fairness…

Anyway, here’s where people seem to disagree: does a woman qualify as a bitch just because she has an opinion about everything; because she is articulate and confident enough to speak her mind; because she is assertive when she sees something needs to get done and no one is lifting a finger; because she is confrontational when someone steps on her toes; because she is ambitious, and knows not only how to set goals but how to accomplish them? If these were to be the criteria for bitchiness, then all women are either bitches, or stupid idiots because they either have no opinions or are unable to express them; doormats because they allow people to walk over them; worthless creations of God because they have no purpose in life.

Conclusion? As with everything else in life, words and actions should have limitations. Bitchville is a neighborhood of women who do not observe these limitations. It’s one thing to speak your mind, and another thing to walk over other peoples’ feelings with your words. Its one thing to have an opinion, and another thing to shove your opinion down other peoples’ throats that they agree with you just to get you to shut up. Its one thing to be assertive and confrontational to get things done or to defend yourself, and a totally different thing to resort to shouting, name-calling and even violent behavior to get your way.

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