Typhoon Yolanda (known internationally as typhoon Haiyan) was one of the most devastating tropical cyclones to hit the Philippines. As with any other disaster, the Filipinos survived by reaching out and extending whatever help they could. However, relief was long in coming due to impassable roads, not to mention the government red tape that not even the typhoon could unseal. I won’t bother to start on the news that later broke out about the relief goods that simply rotted because they were stored in some local government office instead of being distributed.

Meantime, people are starving and have resorted to begging. The deprivation reached an extent where people resorted to stealing from stores and shopping centers. As an act of humanity, the owners of these stores have condoned the looting of basic necessities due to the dire circumstances…and this is where the story gets both interesting and disturbing.

News had it that some people came out of shopping malls carrying not only the basic needs of food and clothing, but also huge TV sets, radios and appliances! If that’s not incredible enough, then let me add that people were stealing equipment when there was no electricity that they could use them with.

I am amazed at the ability of some human beings to take advantage of a calamity while the rest of the human race is struggling to survive. Its understandable for good people to turn into thieves when they have families to take care of. But what kind of people will think of watching TV on a huge screen, listening to the radio full blast or getting a new refrigerator while they are surrounded by families who don’t know where to get their next meal? I can think of only one explanation: evil never rests.

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