Jesus, I will follow you…yeah right! Its been a few weeks since I attended Sunday worship. Lo and behold, I was welcomed back by a faith-provoking sermon on people who have made a commitment to follow Jesus. Its funny how many people make this commitment without a genuine understanding of the sacrifice it entails and the price to pay.

The whole concept can be summed up in two words: total surrender. Surrender of everything we find security in. That should explain what makes it so difficult. Who in his rational mind would give up home, car and bank account that took years to build up? Total surrender is not limited to material manifestations. It also means not worrying another minute about keeping your job, not worrying another minute about your meeting with the big boss, your long overdue report, your relative who has gone astray, your business that’s on the brink of bankruptcy, your deteriorating health…and as the list goes on, it becomes more evident why its so difficult to just follow Jesus. People by nature fear the unknown, and nothing is more scary than not knowing what the future holds.

Admittedly, I haven’t reached that stage of total surrender since I made the commitment to do so five years ago. Circumstances in my life have to get downright unmanageable, I have to have absolutely no option left before I totally surrender. Ironically, its during those times of total surrender that my life becomes comparably easier than those times I could handle and chose to do so on my own. I have no explanation, other than we can only know the power that He holds when we truly see how deep our weakness goes (Steven Curtis Chapman, His Strength is Perfect).

Its time to stop pretending to be strong. Its time to forget what the future holds, and remember who holds the future.

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