Sex Box: the key to open communication

Sex Box is an American show for couples on the road to splitsville. It is a show that lets couples get into a box and…well, have sex there. The show bases its strategy for reconciliation on the scientific theory that sex induces the release of this hormone called oxytocin which makes people more open to talking about their feelings. Of course, the need to talk about feelings stems from the principle that open communication is the key to understanding and eventually solving problems. So what’s in the box? According to people who have been there, everything that a couple could possibly need to…well, you know, get it going.

The Sex Box idea is not new and was originally taken from a British show. Nevertheless, the human ingenuity to come up with ways to resolve personal conflict remains amazing. Many couples stop communicating after how many years when they are knee-deep in the relationship. But is there really a need to resort to this extreme strategy of taking your partner to a TV show and implicitly having sex on national TV just to mend the relationship? I posed this question to someone who has been married and divorced three times and the answer I got was this: communication is not always about mending the relationship. Sometimes its about discovering if there is still something to mend, or if it is time to move on.

Bull’s eye! The show leaves an impression of shallowness which is deceiving. Yes, the manner by which couples are compelled to communicate is unorthodox. But communication is the tip of the ice-berg. On a deeper level, and it is questionable if the producers of the show saw this coming, the show leads couples to understand where their relationship is at, and where it is headed.

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