KOKOLOGY 101: Whispers in the darkness

When you think of a bat, the first image that springs to mind is probably a dark cave, night skies, and blood sucking monsters. But although they’re an object of many fears and superstitions, bats have another secret side. Despite their wings, they are mammals like us and nurse their young with caring and affection. And though they look fierce, the society of bats is more peaceful than our own. So the next time you see a bat flitting overhead, think that it may be looking down with the same fascination and dread that you feel.

You are lost in a deep cavern, wondering through a vast network of winding passages. As you search for the way back to the surface, a bat flies up to you and whispers something in your ear…which of the following does the mysterious creature say?

1. ‘I know where the exit is.’
2. ‘Let me show you the way out.’
3. ‘Keep looking.’
4. ‘You’re never going to get out of here.’


Answer key:

In this scenario, the magical bat serves as a symbol of guidance and aid for those lost and struggling. By imagining what the bat might say to you, you give an important glimpse at the way you yourself respond to others in need of your assistance.

1. ‘I know where the exit is.’

You tend to be somewhat of a busybody and a know-it-all. There’s no question that you’re always willing to lend a hand or a bit of advice, but you sometimes try to help when it’s not needed, and end up looking like a meddler.

2. ‘Let me show you the way out.’

Your big heart and selflessness serve as a shining example for others. People sense your strength and caring and are comforted just knowing you’re around when a problem arises.

3. ‘Keep looking.’

You keep your distance out of respect for other people’s space. It’s not that you’re unhelpful, but you only give the absolute minimum when asked for advice and generally encourage people to work things out on their own. And that principle of non interference may be the best long-term approach in helping others find their way to maturity and independence.

4. ‘You’re never going to get out of here.’

When you see somebody who’s down, your first impulse is to kick. It may be natural to feel a certain pleasure at other people’s misfortunes, but that doesn’t make it good. Your attitude isn’t going to win you many friends or help you keep the ones you have. Watch out.

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