KOKOLOGY 101: Somethings fishy

When it comes to relaxing in the great outdoors, few activities have the perennial appeal as fishing. Every weekend, no matter the weather, dedicated anglers set off for their favorite spots, joined by curious first-timers in their pursuit for the day’s catch. Not many pastimes can boast the number of confirmed addicts that fishing has. What could be the secret ot the allure?

You are out for a day of fishing when you get a strike. As you reel the fish up out of the water, it thrashes on the line and smacks into you. What area of your body does the fish hit?


Answer key:

The fish you hooked acted out what could be interpreted as a final
counterattack, and the place you imagined it striking is a part of yourself you particularly want to protect. It is a truth of human psychology that we often fantasize that those things we want to keep hidden will get found and the things we want to protect will come under attack. So the body part you named is actually a place you feel insecure or sensitive about.

Was it your face? Take a good look in the mirror. Maybe you just need to smile more.

Your stomach? Maybe your unconscious is telling you its time to cut down on the cheesecake.

Somewhere between the legs? Oh, well, we’re all a little sensitive down there anyway

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