Reciprocal death penalty

Another one of our citizens is about to be meted the death penalty via firing squad for smuggling drugs into Indonesia.

The Philippine government has suspended the imposition of the death penalty. Not that it matters, since there was only one occasion when the death penalty was actually carried out – on a father convicted for incestuous rape, and the execution was televised. Not unexpectedly, the pro-life advocates condemned the execution. Interestingly, not everyone joined them.

The disturbing reality is this: the death penalty is a necessary evil meant for the most hardened criminals who have become immune to the spirit of reformation behind lighter penalties. But the Philippine government does not have the moral fiber to carry out such an inhuman act. Arguably, this lack of tenacity has led to the proliferation of heinous crimes and criminals, and the congestion of prison cells with convicts who should be dead if the iron hand of the law could strangle the life out of them.

Moreover, foreign citizens smuggle drugs into the country and get away scott free, while Filipino citizens face death for committing the same crime in their country.

Seriously now, the Philippine government should impose the death penalty – at least in the spirit of reciprocity.

2 thoughts on “Reciprocal death penalty

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