ETIQUETTE FOR MISTRESSES, the rules of irony

This was a local movie based on a book with the same title. The main theme of the movie is about making the most of the life a mistress has decided to live, not withstanding the moral consequences. The movie dwells on coping with the emotional and social consequences of being number two.

The movie starts off with a video clip of a confrontation between a legal wife and a mistress at the mall, which opens the door to rule number one…mistresses should stay away from the vicinity of the legal wife. The movie is realistic in the sense that it teaches a mistress to come to grips with the painful reality that she can never actually win against the woman her lover has chosen to marry.

Some of the other memorable rules in the movie are…

…mistresses should not complain, that’s the wives’ job. Whether her lover can or cannot show up for Christmas, New Year or other celebrations, mistresses must remain in their best behavior and appearance. They cannot allow their pain to show. No matter how much they want to nag, the best course of action is to bite their tongue. After all, they chose to be the third wheel.

…mistresses should understand that their lovers hate surprises – especially the surprise of showing up when the legal wife is present. Mistresses must learn to accept their role as the invisible shadow in their lovers’ double life. They can bask in the money and expensive gifts showered upon them, but they must also swallow the fact that these are the consolation prices for all the nights alone when he can’t get away from the wife and the unanswered phone calls.

…building a career will make one whole. Being a mistress means living half a life with a partner who belongs to another half – another bitter pill to swallow. Its better to build a career during all that time waiting on the sidelines…or, a mistress can use that miserably lonely time to bang her head on the wall and wake up to the most sensible advice given in the movie…

…WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, LEAVE! How often has it happened that number two gets promoted to number one? How much can the pride of any woman take when she always has to settle for the leftovers of her lover’s time?

All in all, the movie is an outline of temporary solutions to a temporary problem…the permanence of which depends on a woman’s ability to wisen up and change her reality.


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