Everyone has a Dark Side

via Daily Prompt: Privacy

Two faced people are people we love to hate. But, come to think of it, is there really a human being who only shows one face to the entire world? With all honesty, I cannot claim to be such a person. My hats off to anyone who can, while maintaining the utmost sincerity to one’s self.

Truth be told, we all face circumstances in life when we need to put up a front. A brave face when confronted with a dangerous situation. A white lie to spare the feelings of a loved one. A yes where one’s heart is screaming no…sounds familiar?

Only we know what is truly going on inside. Only we know what aspect of ourselves we want the world to see. To me, this is the essence of privacy – taking control of what we wish to reveal, and what we wish to remain in the dark side of our being.

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