No Man is an Island

via Daily Prompt: Devastation

Devastation is such a sad word with such a strong impact that you cannot ignore the onslaught of sadness. But to put things in perspective, a totally shattering experience in life is a test to the fortitude of the human spirit. The human ability to rise above challenge, and to adapt to the ever changing seasons of life.

Sadly, there are no guarantees that a devastating experience can be surpassed successfully. Some of us are strong enough to move foreward. Some need other people to cope. Some refuse to take the hand reached out by other people and sink inevitably into oblivion.

There’s a saying that goes: no man is an island. Sometimes life just gets too difficult to stand alone….and sometimes, even the strongest among us, need a helping hand.

Its good to reach out to others – they may just need a hand.


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