Destiny Awaits

Childhood passes by so quickly. I realized this in my first job, that first time I received a sounding off from a higher up and knew whining and crying would make me look like a fool. I remembered this the first time I had a bill to pay and knew it would be improper to pass it on to my parents since I had my own money. I think one time or another we all face responsibilities​ so overwhelming you’ll wish you were a kid again.

But facing adulthood is important. Everyone was put on this world for a reason. Discovering and fulfilling one’s mission may require us to be plucked out from our comfort​ zone. To resist such a development would be wasting one’s life as well as the talent and skills that go with the package.

Allow yourself to be plucked out of your comfort zone and allow the rest of the world to benefit from what you have to offer.

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