The Different Shades of Brilliance

via Daily Prompt: Brilliant

What would you consider intelligence? People have different definitions. Does it mean being a straight A student with the proven ability to memorize anything under the sun? Does it mean being the leader everyone looks to for direction? Does it mean being that quick witted person who can come up with a response to anything? Meet the different shades of brilliance.

Here’s my favorite shade: I love the brilliance known as flexibility. The ability to get along with anyone; the ability to bounce back no matter what kind of adversity life throws your way; the ability to dance to whatever music you hear.

Someone once said: success isn’t about never falling down, it’s about being able to stand up again no matter how many times you fall. Nothing impresses me more than the fortitude of the human spirit.  To me that is brilliance in its purest form – a clarity of one’s purpose in life that is so distinct, so committed to its end game that nothing can get in the way.

Many people in this world do not have the means to get a degree – it doesn’t mean they cannot get an education.

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