Knights of Shadows: a love story?

This Jackie Chan movie had a love story angle between a mortal and a demon, one willing to become like the other just so they can be together.

The title refers to a demon who can only exist in the shadows; one day he spots a girl who he so wanted to be with that he enters her shadow; she agrees to allow him into the light while she takes his place in the shadows…unfortunately, she never leaves and gets sucked in to the existence of a demon, an existence that can only continue by preying on the souls of young girls. Meanwhile, the original demon lives the life of a mortal, dedicating his life to destroying the demons in the shadows.

This was a seemingly light movie with some comical scenarios and lots of animated action. The array of funny looking characters and dialogues downplay the real theme of the movie which is the love that develops between beings from different worlds. A common event nowadays, along with the ultimate sacrifice that confronts such love – in the end, someone will have to leave their world behind to be with the other.

Such was the end with this movie, only with a more dramatic twist – the two lovers decided that, if they can only be together in death,.then death is where they will go.

Is this a movie I would recommend? Not really. It’s entertaining and funny. This review may have missed the whole point of the movie, but the love theme was just too glaring to ignore….and, well, it’s Valentines day. So Happy Valentines everyone!


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