Constantine 2005: confront evil and find the road to heaven…seriously?!

John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) is plagued with the unwanted gift of being able to see what normal people cannot. Wanting so badly to escape such circumstances, he attempts to take his life, fails, then spends the rest of his days as an exorcist – to buy his way back to heaven.

This was a movie that compels it’s audience to confront the existence of evil in the world. Or, as that chilling line goes, you may not believe in the devil, but he believes in you.

From a religious standpoint, this once again drives home the significance of God’s presence in our daily lives. The devil is definitely around watching, waiting for a way in to your life…and the less faith we have in God, the easier it is for the devil to sneak his way in.

Another point this movie leaves us to ponder is that road that truly leads to heaven. Can anyone really ‘buy back’ their way to heaven? How do you ‘buy’ what we have all been taught we need to earn?

The most unbelievable message in this movie is that a soul that ends up in hell can be negotiated into heaven…just as John Constantine did with a suicide victim…and his act of selflessness prevented the devil from taking his soul thus securing his entry to heaven. Absolutely the most laughable happy ending I have ever seen.


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