The Different Shades of Brilliance

via Daily Prompt: Brilliant

What would you consider intelligence? People have different definitions. Does it mean being a straight A student with the proven ability to memorize anything under the sun? Does it mean being the leader everyone looks to for direction? Does it mean being that quick witted person who can come up with a response to anything? Meet the different shades of brilliance.

Here’s my favorite shade: I love the brilliance known as flexibility. The ability to get along with anyone; the ability to bounce back no matter what kind of adversity life throws your way; the ability to dance to whatever music you hear.

Someone once said: success isn’t about never falling down, it’s about being able to stand up again no matter how many times you fall. Nothing impresses me more than the fortitude of the human spirit.  To me that is brilliance in its purest form – a clarity of one’s purpose in life that is so distinct, so committed to its end game that nothing can get in the way.

Many people in this world do not have the means to get a degree – it doesn’t mean they cannot get an education.

Destiny Awaits

Childhood passes by so quickly. I realized this in my first job, that first time I received a sounding off from a higher up and knew whining and crying would make me look like a fool. I remembered this the first time I had a bill to pay and knew it would be improper to pass it on to my parents since I had my own money. I think one time or another we all face responsibilities​ so overwhelming you’ll wish you were a kid again.

But facing adulthood is important. Everyone was put on this world for a reason. Discovering and fulfilling one’s mission may require us to be plucked out from our comfort​ zone. To resist such a development would be wasting one’s life as well as the talent and skills that go with the package.

Allow yourself to be plucked out of your comfort zone and allow the rest of the world to benefit from what you have to offer.

Slow Down and Enjoy the Scenery

Everyone today is always in a rush. A rush to get to that meeting, a rush to get home to feed the family. A rush to get to school for a major exam that starts in five minutes. Seriously, everyone seems to be moving like every move is a matter of life and death. And, it can be – you can be a heart attack waiting to happen if you don’t start to loosen up.

Life goes on even if you miss that meeting. Your kids won’t starve if dinner is a few minutes late. Flunking an exam isn’t going to stop the sun from rising tomorrow. Of course, delay has its consequences – the end of the world isn’t one of them.

But living life on the fast lane will take it’s toll. Not only is it stressful, you miss out on all the good stuff along the journey to where you’re headed. Slow down and enjoy the scenery.


The Smoke Screen for Reality

via Daily Prompt: Denial

We’ve all been in that situation where we choose to turn a blind eye to what is right in front of us. Either because reality hits too close to home and facing it becomes a terrifying prospect. It could also be because reality is forcing us to confront something we’re just not ready to deal with.

Some people live life pretending everything is okay, then go home at night and cry in the privacy of their solitude – a place where there is no need to put on a front to fool other people, a place where one is stripped naked of the veneer of denial that there is nowhere left to hide.

They are everywhere – the macho gay neighbor who prefers to keep his lovers inside the closet, his parents who pretend not to see the longing look their son sends to the family driver, his wife who prefers to believe his excuses not to hold her at night. It could also be your other neighbor who used to own a house and a car, who now borrows a few bucks from you now and then, who you’ve seen holding solo pot sessions after a declaration of bankruptcy.

Living in denial is the fastest way towards hitting rock bottom. Refusing to face problems won’t make them go away – they continue to grow in the backyard of your reality. And, one day, you realize the problem has become too big to ignore. Much better to face problems early and nip them in the bud.

No Man is an Island

via Daily Prompt: Devastation

Devastation is such a sad word with such a strong impact that you cannot ignore the onslaught of sadness. But to put things in perspective, a totally shattering experience in life is a test to the fortitude of the human spirit. The human ability to rise above challenge, and to adapt to the ever changing seasons of life.

Sadly, there are no guarantees that a devastating experience can be surpassed successfully. Some of us are strong enough to move foreward. Some need other people to cope. Some refuse to take the hand reached out by other people and sink inevitably into oblivion.

There’s a saying that goes: no man is an island. Sometimes life just gets too difficult to stand alone….and sometimes, even the strongest among us, need a helping hand.

Its good to reach out to others – they may just need a hand.


Everyone has a Dark Side

via Daily Prompt: Privacy

Two faced people are people we love to hate. But, come to think of it, is there really a human being who only shows one face to the entire world? With all honesty, I cannot claim to be such a person. My hats off to anyone who can, while maintaining the utmost sincerity to one’s self.

Truth be told, we all face circumstances in life when we need to put up a front. A brave face when confronted with a dangerous situation. A white lie to spare the feelings of a loved one. A yes where one’s heart is screaming no…sounds familiar?

Only we know what is truly going on inside. Only we know what aspect of ourselves we want the world to see. To me, this is the essence of privacy – taking control of what we wish to reveal, and what we wish to remain in the dark side of our being.

Everyone deserves a chance in the spotlight

via Daily Prompt: Shine

People are judgmental. We all take to what we see on the outside, and its common to assume that a seemingly quiet, seemingly plain human being will have nothing to offer. No matter how common or ordinary a person may appear to be, I can assure you they know something you don’t, and they can do something you can’t. How can I be so sure? Because I am also sure that every human being is unique. There is something in each of us that no one else has. Once a person you cherish is gone, trust me on this, no one can take their place.

Thus, a journey towards self discovery is of paramount importance so we can make the most of who we are. The world imposes conformity through rules, and it is so easy to lose one’s individuality in the process. Losing one’s individuality is tantamount to blowing out one’s light – a light, that no matter how bright or dim, will have its own unique effect on the world.

Find out what makes you different and carry your uniqueness like a torch because there is no one else like you.


The Journey of Life

via Daily Prompt: Crossing

The journey called life is full of crossroads. As any living person knows, no one can stay at a crossroad forever. You eventually have to decide which road to take, no matter whats holding you back, and even if you have no idea what lies ahead in the road you eventually decide to take.

But, unlike a literal road where all it takes is a U turn to go back, the road called life allows no turning back.. All we can do is make the most of the situation we end up in. Mistakes will be made, and we either learn from them and move forward, or allow our mistakes to consume us alive – just another crossroad where a tough decision needs to be made as to which way to go next. I guess this is what is meant by we mold our own fate. After all, we make our own decisions. What happens to us is beyond our control, how we decide to react to what happens to us is not..

Life is just a journey of decisions that need to be made – just one crossroad after another.


The permanence of change

via Daily Prompt: Gone

Love comes, love goes. People change. Seasons change. Time waits for no one no matter how many words you long to say. Time doesn’t care about love that goes unconfessed, apologies left unsaid, or hugs and kisses not given. People fear rejection and embarrasssment which causes them to hold back emotions. People with a sense of urgency are willing to take the risk of wounding their pride knowing that with the blink of an eye, the snap of a finger, the tick of a clock, the people who matter most can be….gone.



As within, so without

via Daily Prompt: Interior

Truth doesn’t have to be spoken – it has a way of speaking for itself. Ever tried wearing a mask for an entire day? Most likely, I’m not going to get an affirmative answer here. Coz, most likely, anyone who has attempted this has already died from suffocation. It goes without saying that wearing a mask stops your true self from shining through. Wearing a mask to impress the outside world is fooling no one except yourself. Its just a matter of time until the real you is going to demand to be let out or die trying to get out.