The Journey of Life

via Daily Prompt: Crossing

The journey called life is full of crossroads. As any living person knows, no one can stay at a crossroad forever. You eventually have to decide which road to take, no matter whats holding you back, and even if you have no idea what lies ahead in the road you eventually decide to take.

But, unlike a literal road where all it takes is a U turn to go back, the road called life allows no turning back.. All we can do is make the most of the situation we end up in. Mistakes will be made, and we either learn from them and move forward, or allow our mistakes to consume us alive – just another crossroad where a tough decision needs to be made as to which way to go next. I guess this is what is meant by we mold our own fate. After all, we make our own decisions. What happens to us is beyond our control, how we decide to react to what happens to us is not..

Life is just a journey of decisions that need to be made – just one crossroad after another.



The permanence of change

via Daily Prompt: Gone

Love comes, love goes. People change. Seasons change. Time waits for no one no matter how many words you long to say. Time doesn’t care about love that goes unconfessed, apologies left unsaid, or hugs and kisses not given. People fear rejection and embarrasssment which causes them to hold back emotions. People with a sense of urgency are willing to take the risk of wounding their pride knowing that with the blink of an eye, the snap of a finger, the tick of a clock, the people who matter most can be….gone.



As within, so without

via Daily Prompt: Interior

Truth doesn’t have to be spoken – it has a way of speaking for itself. Ever tried wearing a mask for an entire day? Most likely, I’m not going to get an affirmative answer here. Coz, most likely, anyone who has attempted this has already died from suffocation. It goes without saying that wearing a mask stops your true self from shining through. Wearing a mask to impress the outside world is fooling no one except yourself. Its just a matter of time until the real you is going to demand to be let out or die trying to get out.


Please, no applause

via Daily Prompt: Ovation

Someone once said…gentlemen, welcome to the world of reality – there is no audience. No one to applaud, to admire. No one to see you. Do you understand? Here is the truth – actual heroism receives no ovation, entertains no one. No one queues up to see it. No one is interested.

Sounds cynical but true. And maybe just the way it should be. I mean, is there really a need for applause for one to stick to the straight path that others can admire? Someone also said….character is a reflection of what you do when no one is looking.

Of course, whose kidding who? Anyone who claims not to want an ovation is being a hypocrite. The point is, is it really a necessity to do what is right?



Retreat. The first thought that comes to my mind is taking a step back, or holding off on moving forward. Life in the fast lane can take its toll. Actions are not always right. We all have that inner voice that tells us when its time to retreat because what we are about to do just doesn’t conform with our moral fiber. Sometimes surrender is a necessity. We all come to a point in life when we need to swallow our pride and admit we are wrong. There’s no point in holding one’s ground if, at the end of the day, we have our conscience to battle with. I’d rather sleep peacefully at night.

The Never Ending Story of the Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Debate

(an article inspired by the book titled Unplanned by Abby Johnson)

This was a book that chronicled the journey of activist Abby Johnson from being a volunteer for a pro-choice establishment called Planned Parenthood, to crossing over to the pro-lifers under an establishment known as Coalition for Life. The book had a spiritual aspect as Abby Johnson highlighted the events reflecting the hand of God in aid of her transformation. This article aims to focus on the more disturbing implications of her journey that pushed her from one side to the other.

At the beginning, Planned Parenthood’s pro-choice stand was simply to decrease the number of abortions through education on contraceptives and the choice of adoption. The establishment stood on the premise that, if women wanted the option to abort, it would be better to give them the means to do so safely. The establishment clung to the argument that providing safe abortions was a better alternative to condemning women from wanting an abortion and compelling them to resort to underground, unsafe, and maybe even illegal, means to get an abortion anyway. But as Planned Parenthood was a charitable institution, it relied on the funding of supporters and the government. It only charged women what they could afford to pay.

Eventually, the birth control and abortion demands outweighed the public support the establishment could elicit, and funds started to run dry. As the establishment was profiting from the few abortions performed, it geared towards a new goal of not only increasing the number of abortions to be performed, but directing women towards the option. Abby Johnson’s journey towards the Coalition for Life started when her assistance was needed in an actual abortion, and she saw first hand how a fetus was, body part by body part, sucked out of a womb.

The book leads to a realization of how complicated the pro-life versus pro-choice debate really is. Apparently, there is no easy compromise, such as the pro-choice stand is acceptable so long as abortion is not one of the choices. To make issues more complicated, the book points out that the pro-life group not only opposes abortion but also birth control. The pro-life group argues that birth control should also be banned as it prevents life from being created. The pro-life group ignores the argument that prevention is a lesser evil to destroying a life already created. Being against both abortion and birth control justifies the stand of the pro-choice group – somebody has to defend women of their right to have options when faced with an unexpected (unwanted) pregnancy.

The pro-choice versus pro-life debate will never come to an end so long as both sides fail to recognize the need to set their own boundaries. The pro-choice group needs to understand that abortion is the taking of human life, and resorting to technical questions like when does life really begin doesn’t change that fact. The pro-life group needs to understand that there is no life that needs to be destroyed if measures are taken to prevent it from being created. Imposing the need to abstain from sex or resort to natural methods of birth control is not only a limitation on human liberty, it also ignores the natural weakness of the human flesh.


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