KOKOLOGY 101: Somethings fishy

When it comes to relaxing in the great outdoors, few activities have the perennial appeal as fishing. Every weekend, no matter the weather, dedicated anglers set off for their favorite spots, joined by curious first-timers in their pursuit for the day’s catch. Not many pastimes can boast the number of confirmed addicts that fishing has. What could be the secret ot the allure?

You are out for a day of fishing when you get a strike. As you reel the fish up out of the water, it thrashes on the line and smacks into you. What area of your body does the fish hit?


Answer key:

The fish you hooked acted out what could be interpreted as a final
counterattack, and the place you imagined it striking is a part of yourself you particularly want to protect. It is a truth of human psychology that we often fantasize that those things we want to keep hidden will get found and the things we want to protect will come under attack. So the body part you named is actually a place you feel insecure or sensitive about.

Was it your face? Take a good look in the mirror. Maybe you just need to smile more.

Your stomach? Maybe your unconscious is telling you its time to cut down on the cheesecake.

Somewhere between the legs? Oh, well, we’re all a little sensitive down there anyway

KOKOLOGY 101: Empty inside

Some days everything just seems to go your way. Traffic clears a path for you on your way to work; your boss takes the day off; you win the office pool. Each bit of luck comes as a pleasant surprise. Of course, there’s another side to the unexpected. All it takes is a run on your stocking or a stain on your favorite tie to bring you right back down to grim reality. Good or bad, it’s the little surprises that keep things interesting.

You go to a local bakery and buy a jelly doughnut. But when you get home and take a bite, you discover it’s missing one essential ingredient – the jelly inside. How do you react to this bit of bad luck?

1. take the defective doughnut back to the shop and get another one

2. tell yourself, “these things happen,” and eat the empty doughnut as is

3. eat something else

4. try filling the empty doughnut with something like maple syrup or jam to make it taste better


Answer key:

Q: What do you call a jelly doughnut without any jelly in it? A: a nasty surprise.

And speaking of the unexpected, you may be surprised to hear that the response you chose for this scenario shows the role you play among your friends.

1. take the defective doughnut back to the shop and get another one

An orthodox thinker who isn’t easily thrown off guard by odd occurrences, you can be relied on not to panic when the unexpected happens. But you aren’t the type to take command and lead the way. Rather, you tend to support leader types with your clear judgment and coolheaded advice.

2. tell yourself, “these things happen,” and eat the empty doughnut as is

You don’t let surprises ruffle your feathers, accepting whatever hand the fates deal you. Your patience and flexibilty make you incredibly easy to get along with, and it could be said you’re the glue that holds the circle of friends together. Because you don’t make a fuss over things, it sometimes seems that you fade into the background. But like air, you go unnoticed only until you’re not around.

3. eat something else

Quick to decide and quick to act, you’re a natural leader in any group. You come into your own when things get out of hand and the situation calls for one person to take charge and decide a course of action. You don’t hem and haw over where to go for dinner or what movie to see – the word indecision is not in your vocabulary. That air of confidence and authority means that when you speak, the people around you listen.

4. try filling the empty doughnut with something like maple syrup or jam to make it taste better

Your talent for coming up with innovative solutions makes you the undisputed idea generator in your clique. Everyone has common sense, but you have a knack for uncommon sense that lets you see opportunities where others see only problems. Your creative instincts mean you run the risk of getting carried away with yourself and seeming eccentric from time to time, but people feel safe knowing that whatever happens, you’re sure to keep things interesting.


“Unbelievable! How dumb am I?” How many times have we asked a similar question? Burned toast, coffee stains on paperwork, sleeping through the alarm clock, stubbed toes, missed exits – it’s human to goof up once in a while. Nobody’s perfect and everyone proves it everyday. Remember that the next time you’re tempted to laugh at another person’s mistake. After all, you never know when it’s your turn to show up to work with mismatched socks.

You’re walking down the street, your mind somewhere in the air, when you stumble into a garbage can on a sidewalk and knock it over. What comes spilling out from under the lid?

1. nothing comes out
2. a pile of loose trash finds its way into the street
3. apple cores, chicken bones and other raw garbage
4. a well tied plastic garbage bag


Answer key:

In your carelessness you overturned a garbage can, dumping out something that had been neatly shut away and exposing it for all the world to see. Your image of the can’s contents reveals things inside you that you try to hide from the public.

1. People who said nothing comes out tend to live their lives without making displays or false pretenses. What you see is what you get. Its this simple honesty that gives them their charm.

2. Those people who said the can was full of loose trash may seem to be straightforward and forthright to others but actually have a pile of unexpressed feelings locked up within. You may notice these feelings only as a general sense of frustration, but when you think about it, aren’t there places where you’ve been holding back from saying the things you really feel?

3. People who imagined a pile of kitchen wastes are suppressing their appetites and the natural desire for food. Maybe you’re on (or are avoiding) a diet. Or you’re trying to save money by cutting back on eating expenses. Whatever it is, it’s taking its toll on you. A night out at the restaurant will do you good.

4. People who saw a neatly tied garbage bag have a strong sense of self-control. Maybe too strong. You hate to show weakness or make complaints because your pride won’t allow it. But letting others know how you really feel is not weakness. Loosen up the drawstrings and let some air in before all that garbage goes bad and starts to smell.