Fifty Shades Freed: movie highlights and insights

Fifty Shades Freed opens with the wedding of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. The life of luxury that lies ahead for the couple makes itself evident as they head off to their honeymoon in a private chopper. The life of kinky and erotic sex that has graced their relationship from the first part of the trilogy also continues to the honeymoon as Christian once again let’s his dominant nature take control, and Anastasia plays the submissive object of his desire.

If there is anything realistic about this movie, it is the power struggle between a newly married couple as they find a balance between allowing another person to be a part of one’s life and maintaining one’s sense of identity.

Anastasia relents to Christian’s insistence that she use his last name at work, at the same time defies his demand to stay home when she has plans to hang out with an old friend. Christian, upon learning that he has been defied, takes his erring wife to the kinky ‘play room’ where he once again uses sex as a means to inflict pain to punish her. Christian has also unintentionally reignited ties with Elena Lincoln, the woman who introduced him to kinky sex and whose intervention in his life has helped him cope with the dark memories of his mother – ties which his wife evidently resents as she gives him the silent treatment for a couple of days.

Unknown to Anastasia, Christian was trying to get in touch with his former psychiatrist Dr. Flynn and, only when he could not reach him, contacted Elena Lincoln. They ended up having a few drinks at a bar, but Christian insists their relationship has long since been over.

Anastasia announces her pregnancy which was not well received by her new husband. He was not willing to share her with another person so soon in their marriage, and accuses her of choosing the baby over him.

Jack Hyde, Anastasia’s former boss who was fired for attempting to assault her, resurfaces for pay back. He kidnaps Anastasia’s sister in law, Mia Grey, and​ demands a 5 million dollar ransom. Anastasia comes up with the money but does not tell Christian the real reason she needs it. Instead she makes him believe she​ is leaving to raise their baby alone. Sensing something wasn’t right, Christian contacts the authorities and follows his wife to where she will deliver the ransom to Jack Hyde and rescue Christian’s kid sister.

Christian comes to accept Anastasia’s pregnancy and​ chooses to raise the baby with her. In the latter part of the movie, Christian reveals more of his past, particularly the new found knowledge that he and Jack Hyde came from the same foster family. He also reveals the extent of Elena Lincoln’s significance in his life and why she continued to be a steady anchor he runs to when his life goes berserk.

As with the first two parts of the trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed may serve as great entertainment for the sexually deprived and perverted. However, it is too unrealistic for one to derive any real value that can be carried over to daily life.


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This was an erotic movie about college graduate Ana Steele training to be a reporter and young entrepreneur Christian Grey who she is tasked to interview.

Christian Grey is the American dream personified – he had wealth, brains and looks. Beneath the ideal facade is a troubled past paved with lots of women, none of whom he was serious with. Then he meets Ana Steele, and for the first time he falls seriously in love. Also for the first time does Ana find herself sucked into a relationship. Like anyone in love for the first time, she is willing to do anything to make her new flame happy.

But little did Ana know that Christian’s road to paradise would equate to her trip to hell. The movie unfolds with a revelation of Christian’s sadistic approach to kinky sex. This leaves Ana trapped in a relationship with someone she loves and wants to understand, a relationship where she has to succumb to his sadism to give him pleasure, and a relationship where her happiness is replaced with physical and emotional pain.

It turns out that Christian went through his own share of child abuse and was raised by a ‘crackwhore’ mother. Whatever that means, the obvious consequence is a need to dominate one’s partner and, at least subconsciously, a need to hurt one’s partner, perhaps out of revenge.


Taking a closer look at this movie which seems to have nothing beyond pornographic value, the viewer is led to consider some rather disturbing insights about human nature.

1. Lack of self-esteem and insecurity can have painful consequences.

Christian Grey and Ana Steele had common traits – they both lacked self-esteem and they were both insecure. This is the conclusion that may be drawn when a woman allows herself to be her partner’s punching bag, and a man, in order to feel loved, will control his partner to such an extent that he dictates what she eats, buys her gadgets for him to monitor her every move, and buys out the company she works for as an over the top attempt to control her life.

The likes of Ana may equate love with the willingness to sacrifice. But even sacrifices have limits. Only a person with a total lack of self-esteem would be willing to sacrifice mind, body and soul to the altar of their partner’s ego. Only a person insecure to the core would need total domination over another , as they harness the fear of abandonment.

2. Some people have the need to control others, and they control those they can.

Ana Steele has the mentality of a child. Either that, or everyone has an inner Goddess that jumps up and down with cheer leader pom-poms. The same inner Goddess that would mourn over losing an ice cream cone. The childlike nature of Ana makes her the perfect victim for control hungry Christian Grey.

Just like a child in the process of developing a personality, Ana does not have any clear standards as to what is acceptable and what is not. Until she learns to define her own limitations, the likes of Christian will be more than willing to feed their hunger for control at her expense.

3. Mothers play a more important role in a man’s life than he is willing to admit.

Christian Grey calls his mother a ‘crackwhore’ and he is attracted to women who look like her. The implications of being attracted to, and by extension wanting to screw, a woman who looks like one’s mother is disturbing beyond words. And yet, Christian’s less than positive impression of his abusive mother may hold the key to the sadistic pleasure he gets from hurting the women who look like her. The stable life she failed to provide may hold the key to his need to take control and escape from the chaos he grew up with.


The still unresolved conflict in the movie is the sincere love that Christian Grey has developed for Ana Steele. He loves her and the only way he knows how to show it is by hurting her because pain is the only manifestation of love he was raised with.

Ana Steele has fallen in love for the first time, and she has to confront the question of just how much she is willing to sacrifice. While she wants to discover and understand who Christian really is, she has to come to grips with the fact that this may only be done through a lot of pain on her part.