Fifty Shades Freed: movie highlights and insights

Fifty Shades Freed opens with the wedding of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. The life of luxury that lies ahead for the couple makes itself evident as they head off to their honeymoon in a private chopper. The life of kinky and erotic sex that has graced their relationship from the first part of the trilogy also continues to the honeymoon as Christian once again let’s his dominant nature take control, and Anastasia plays the submissive object of his desire.

If there is anything realistic about this movie, it is the power struggle between a newly married couple as they find a balance between allowing another person to be a part of one’s life and maintaining one’s sense of identity.

Anastasia relents to Christian’s insistence that she use his last name at work, at the same time defies his demand to stay home when she has plans to hang out with an old friend. Christian, upon learning that he has been defied, takes his erring wife to the kinky ‘play room’ where he once again uses sex as a means to inflict pain to punish her. Christian has also unintentionally reignited ties with Elena Lincoln, the woman who introduced him to kinky sex and whose intervention in his life has helped him cope with the dark memories of his mother – ties which his wife evidently resents as she gives him the silent treatment for a couple of days.

Unknown to Anastasia, Christian was trying to get in touch with his former psychiatrist Dr. Flynn and, only when he could not reach him, contacted Elena Lincoln. They ended up having a few drinks at a bar, but Christian insists their relationship has long since been over.

Anastasia announces her pregnancy which was not well received by her new husband. He was not willing to share her with another person so soon in their marriage, and accuses her of choosing the baby over him.

Jack Hyde, Anastasia’s former boss who was fired for attempting to assault her, resurfaces for pay back. He kidnaps Anastasia’s sister in law, Mia Grey, and​ demands a 5 million dollar ransom. Anastasia comes up with the money but does not tell Christian the real reason she needs it. Instead she makes him believe she​ is leaving to raise their baby alone. Sensing something wasn’t right, Christian contacts the authorities and follows his wife to where she will deliver the ransom to Jack Hyde and rescue Christian’s kid sister.

Christian comes to accept Anastasia’s pregnancy and​ chooses to raise the baby with her. In the latter part of the movie, Christian reveals more of his past, particularly the new found knowledge that he and Jack Hyde came from the same foster family. He also reveals the extent of Elena Lincoln’s significance in his life and why she continued to be a steady anchor he runs to when his life goes berserk.

As with the first two parts of the trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed may serve as great entertainment for the sexually deprived and perverted. However, it is too unrealistic for one to derive any real value that can be carried over to daily life.


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Sex starts in the kitchen

Advanced Happy Valentines! No, this is not some kinky article about foreplay on top of the kitchen table as you and your flame sizzle your way to the bedroom. I just came back from Sunday worship and the pastor delivered this line which engraved itself into my memory.

Given the above premise, you can expect this to be a wholesome article about sex in the light of Christian values. Sex within marriage. Another line that I can’t seem to shake off is this: there are no illegitimate children, only irresponsible parents. Of course, excluded from this generalization are the children resulting from abuse.

The theme of this Sunday’s sermon was about making marriage work. It was about making your spouse your best friend through the mutual act of give and take. About mutual respect. There can be no love without respect, and there can be no meaningful sex without love.

Sex was God’s divine plan for Adam and Eve. It was intended to be beautiful and fulfilling in itself, without the commercialized glorification that Hollywood brought into the picture. But in order for sex to be within God’s divine plan, it is important to understand why God invented the act in the first place. Sex was invented for procreation when God told Adam and Eve to ‘go and multiply.’

However, God did not command Adam to grab Eve by the hair, throw her down and demand her to put out. God ordered Eve into submission, but never intended for Eve to submit against her will. Of course not…sex starts in the kitchen.

If a husband wants to score, he has to win his wife over by helping her out in the house, particularly in the kitchen where she does most of the work. A husband can’t expect his wife to have the energy for sex when she’s exhausted from doing all the work around the house. Husbands, help out with the housework, and you can be assured of your night in paradise. Gotcha?!