Priest Delivers Sermon on Hoverboard

The season to be jolly continues…along with the local Catholic tradition of going to church in the wee hours of the morning for some days before Christmas.

A priest decided to innovate and ride a hoverboard as he sang his way in to the church to deliver his sermon. Unfortunately, his spirit of innovation was not so well received by the ever conservative Catholic community. Some authorities of the church took the opportunity to remind the public of the solemnity of the mass and that it is not a venue for jokes or humor.

Hmmm….I’ve attended a Catholic mass a few times and I don’t think this is the first time a priest deviated from the tradition of solemnity. Frankly, I think the best sermons are those delivered with humor and simplicity.

It goes without saying that the parables of the bible are difficult to grasp in the symbolic way it is presented. It is even more difficult to sit through an hour or so long sermon and remain awake, in the company of a priest who drones on and on about the word of God, unmindful of whether or not his audience is getting the message. People visit the house of God for one main purpose – to feed their souls. Although well intentioned, many end up dozing off because Gods’ messenger bored the life out of them.

I think we should admire priests (or anyone dedicating their time to public speaking) who are creative and considerate enough to acknowledge the limitations of the human attention span and modify their approach accordingly. After all, the main purpose of going to church would be defeated if the audience, though physically present, are mentally and spiritually a drift towards dreamland.

Merry Christmas everyone and hope your New Year will be a loud blast!


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