Everyone deserves a chance in the spotlight

via Daily Prompt: Shine

People are judgmental. We all take to what we see on the outside, and its common to assume that a seemingly quiet, seemingly plain human being will have nothing to offer. No matter how common or ordinary a person may appear to be, I can assure you they know something you don’t, and they can do something you can’t. How can I be so sure? Because I am also sure that every human being is unique. There is something in each of us that no one else has. Once a person you cherish is gone, trust me on this, no one can take their place.

Thus, a journey towards self discovery is of paramount importance so we can make the most of who we are. The world imposes conformity through rules, and it is so easy to lose one’s individuality in the process. Losing one’s individuality is tantamount to blowing out one’s light – a light, that no matter how bright or dim, will have its own unique effect on the world.

Find out what makes you different and carry your uniqueness like a torch because there is no one else like you.


2 thoughts on “Everyone deserves a chance in the spotlight

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